May 11, 2023

NW200 Top Team and riders withdrawn

NW200 Top Team and riders withdrawn

Australian rider Brookes told the BBC that his team – which also includes top rider Peter Hickman – had withdrawn from the event.

On Thursday evening, the FHO Racing BMW team issued a statement to confirm its decision.

The statement read: “The FHO Racing BMW Motorrad team are withdrawing from the 2023 fonaCAB and Nicholl Oils North West 200 due to no confidence in the application of the Superstock technical regulations.

“The Superstock class technical regulations mandate the machines must fully comply with conditions regarding the wheels, where Superstock machines must remain with the originally homologated wheels from the manufacturer, which from BMW are carbon.

You can not use carbon wheels at the TT so i wonder how they will come off with the regulations to change the rules to use alloy wheels in the superstock race.